Monday, August 23, 2010

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty - CHEATS!

While playing hit "enter" and then put these codes:

Gives 5,000 Credits: 'whysoserious'
Invincibility: 'terribleterribledamage'
Units No Longer Cost Resources: 'moredotsmoredots'
Disable Victory Conditions: 'tyuhasleftthegame'
5,000 Gas:'realmendrilldeep'
Resources Granted: 'jaynestown'
+1 Weapon, Armor, and Shield Upgrade: 'iamironman'
Disable Tech Requirements: 'sosayweall'
Disable Ability Cooldown: 'hanshotfirst'
'Terran up the Night' Song: 'overengineeredcodpiece'
Cinematics Menu: 'eyeofsauron'

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