Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Web Hosting

What is a web hosting service?

That is a question, that we all have made in a certain point of our lives, and now we are going to answer it, with the help of Wikipedia:

A webhosting service is a type of Internet hosting service, that allows people as you, or big enterprises as multinationals to make your own or their own website in the World Wide Web.

These companies provide you space on a Server, and can provide you with several services, and the scope of hosting services varies a lot. From the most Basic, yo a big, or huge sites, where you can upload files via FTP, or a web interface, some Hastings are really expensive, but others are rather cheap.

Between the Hastings, you have Free web hosting service, Shared web hosting, service, Reseller web hosting, Virtual Dedicated Servers, Dedicated hosting services, Managed hosting services, Colocation web hosting services, Cloud Hosting, Clustered hosting, Grid hosting, Home server, etc.

Luckly for you (and for me of course) there is a website that has all the news about web hosting, that shows you awsome deals and keep you up to date with the best web posting sites.

In a fine simple way, this blog named webhostingfan, gives you news and information about: web development as well as reviews of the best web hosting providers, they also makes you an introduction to CMS, domain names whitout forgetting the not always well paid e-commerce, relevenant info about search engines that are usually the key to a big and realiable site, web security, and blogging software.

They give you all these information in a blog way, ordered by date, wich is very useful, you can even suscribe to get these news by mail, so you can be always up to date.

So, if you are looking for a fine webhosting company where you can upload your site, don´t waste time and get in there quickly, so you can start right now.

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